The Easiest Silent Auction Fundraising Software.

Charity Bid is an online silent auction platform that makes it easy to raise money for your chosen charitable organisation. Build your auction from donated items and then let our bespoke software manage your “live” or “time-bound” event in a fun and easy-to-use auction. Simply list your items, invite your friends/guests to participate and watch their bid amounts grow. ideal for Gala evenings, local businesses, charities, schools, universities and sports clubs looking to raise funds for a chosen charity or simply to fund a trip or new equipment for a school.

Charities / Business

Fixed Fee Per Auction
£ 499 Fixed Per Auction
  • 500 plus items
  • Your own branding
  • Leader boards
  • item price, reserve price
  • Full control to go live when you want
  • Automated emails for winning bids
  • Live Feeds
  • QR Code Marketing Ready

Create your company auction and raise money for a chosen charity or run alongside a corporate event. Some of our clients want to simply support their sports club and raise money for new equipment; the options are endless with our great software.
CharityBid Silent Auctions.

Have you ever wanted to do a different kind of fundraiser? Often people want to raise money for all types of situations, a new community pitch, or charity, raising funds to support a bigger charity and research the options are endless. With our CharityBid software, you can achieve your fundraising goals easily. It is all based on a simple auction-style bidding on the items donated by companies or individuals to raise money for your good causes. We have a simple easy to use auction with a once only price scheme that makes it affordable to list, manage and raise money as part of a one-off or repeatable event throughout the year.

our silent auction software helped raise over £350,000 and we received great reviews.

Tim Bacon Foundation,
I am truly humbled by the personal support you have shown me and the Foundation.
Jeremy Roberts– Chair

"Both charities were delighted with the professionalism of the auction and felt it was a really good fundraising event for us to do"


Marketing Manager, Neil Brett
Childbase Partnership.

Hosting Your Auction Event

Control the items you list

  • Bespoke login to create your auction site.
  • Name your auction & generate a sign up link. 
  • Upload your items images and descriptions.
  • Generate a simple starting bid, reserve price, and item price.

Brand your auction site

  • Brand the front end with your charity message, company colours and logo.
  • Promote the event using the dedicated site link and QR code.
  • Your auction feels and looks part of your wider organisation.
  • Watch people bid on your items with leader boards.

Software Features

Schedule Auction, Set Duration - 1 day to 4 weeks

Set the time, day, date/date range for your auction. Registered participants can see the items on your auction site and browse before the auction goes live.

Notifications & User Participation

Send a link to your friends, or Print the unique QR code so colleagues and contacts can sign up and start to browse your auction. Participants bid digitally from their mobiles once the auction starts.

Item Leader Boards to Generate Competition

Have fun and see who tops the item leader boards, or keep bidders secret. Every auction item has a top 5 leader board this can remain anonymous or can have the bidders name.

Reserve Pricing

Never sell an item short. Your reserve price needs to be met before the item can be sold, in some cases you are able to declare a winner if your want the item to be sold but this can only be done once the auction has ended.

Extend Auction End

If you need a small extension to assist at the end you can extend the auction by 15 mins. It often helps when a person was not able to put in their bid and has requested a bit more time. Even more time to raise more funds.

Mobile ready

CharityBid can run at your evening gala for an exciting fundraising experience. All auctions run on mobile devices with the option to hire screens for your reception area where live stats can be displayed from our live feed.

Silent auction software for your good causes.

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