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How we started this project

In 2017 we were asked to put together a digital online auction for a client. Our team of software developers scoped out the desired platform, built a super-easy user interface and within 3 months we had a great online auction product we like to call CharityBid. The product we developed succeeded in raising over £100,000 for various causes and offered a great way for any company or charity to raise future funds. Fast forward to 2021 and we have added lots of new features and improved on the overall experience. Clients love the fact that we have not stuffed the product full of complicated features and our aim was always to make it simple to use and effective.

How does the charity software work?


Our auction platform allows you to run an online auction by uploading images of donated items into our bespoke auction platform As an auctioneer you are charged with setting up the auction adding in your brand colours, logo and auction main banner to advertise it. A link is created which can then be distributed out to your contacts, family members, work colleagues, or supporters. Once Registered individuals or groups are free to bid on the items in the auction whilst it remains live. It is called a silent auction because you simply send it out only to the organisations, people and clients you want to notify and register also for privacy all participants can choose to remain anonymous in the live bidding process so they do not need to worry about bidding more or less everyone who bids can remain private.

Is it easy to use?


Yes, we give you your login so you can access everything. Then you give a name to your auction upload your company logo and brand colours and main auction banner. An auctioneer is the admin person who also prepares images of each item you want in your auction. You simply upload and set a starting price and reserve price and you are ready to go. Customise the front end in your settings so you have a front cover with branded colour schemes. Email out a link to your mailing list and they can sign up and start to bid on the items once the auction is live. The good part is you can still browse even if the auction is not live so you can preview what you might like to bid on. The start date and time is always telling you how many days are left and when the auction starts.

Who are media-i?


We are a group of business-led digital experts with over 20 years of experience. We build web and native mobile apps for charities, businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe in developing supportive technology to assist you in your daily life goals and in so doing, find a great way to enjoy and share the experience through our products with your friends.

CharityBid is our 4th product and the one we are most proud of. We are based in Milton Keynes.

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Web: www.wedoapps.co.uk

We also have an office in Hull Yorkshire for Internet consultancy and app development.

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