Day Nursery raises over £1200

charity auction -

We were really pleased to assist Childbase Partnership and Neil’s team with their request to help them setup an online auction. Neil has a lot of experience with online tools and was able to quickly create the auction using charity bids cloud software. The auction ran for 3 weeks raising over £1100. A great achievement in such a short time, everything was automated and easy to use according to A Goubert

We found the site extremely easy to use, I loved how visual it was and how we could include photos as well as detailed information about each item. The website was clear and easy to navigate.

It really saved me a lot of time with parents being able to make the bid themselves, as usually they would email/call me to make a bid and then I would have to update it manually. Usually, I would then have to email the previous bidder to let them know they had been outbid.

Due to the pandemic, we wanted to help advertise local businesses who had supported the auction with their donations. The website allowed us to do this much more widely than we usually would have been able to because we were able to share the link with all the information and donations on social media and with our families and friends.

A Goubert

Team Leader at Pennypot Day Nursery