Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Does the auction run on mobile phones and tablets?

The auction software has been designed to run on any device. Launch mobile Safari, Firefox or Chrome using the link and you will see a lovely optimised view for your device. We kept it simple, fast and easy to use.

Who is the auction platform for?

Charities who want to auction their donated items; local businesses who want a different way to raise money for charity alongside other events;  individuals who have items they would love to use for raising money for their own good cause.

Can you customise the auction?

Yes. In your settings you can change the front end large banner, select your corporate colour around the application and add your own logo. Personalising your auction makes it your own and identifies your charity or business.

Can we ask you to upload and add content?

Yes if you prefer. For a fixed fee we can setup the auction once you have provided us with the text, headings, images and price lists with reserves. Our team are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

What are the fees?

It is a one off fee of £499 to create your auction, there are no winning fees or listing fees. This is because we take a single payment for the rent of the software, this can be for a month or longer depending on how long your event will last . We find most businesses and charities run the auction for 3-4 weeks to maximise the fundraising effort and the cost is very affordable. For a quote click on the contact our team button and we will provide you with a price for your auction.

What payment can you use?

With our auction, one of the difficulties is recommending payments. What we have found in the past it is easier to export all the winner’s details and use your own preferred payment. We do support PayPal but you can use your own payment terminal, or simply pay through your accounts and reduce your fees made to card companies we leave it for you to choose. We can help recommend the best way to handle this.

Some other ways in which our auction software can be used


Companies with departments could run an auction alongside their own event. We can provide large screens for receptions to hire, so your employees can see items and the total raised. This is a great way to bring awareness about your auction and can help raise more funds.


A charity might also have a shop where items are bought and sold you might want to raise more money against rare, and more valuable items, instead of just getting the first price you often find local dealers in the area will then bid against each other raising more money than would of been possible before.